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1. What is Spotlesshost?

Spotlesshost is a service for short-term rentals and a company independent of Airbnb. We support our customers in the marketing of their vacation accommodation. This can be an apartment, house or even the rarely used guest room in your property.

2. What does short-term rental mean?

Short-term rental is a special form of rental: A fully equipped and furnished accommodation – whether a house, apartment or room – is rented for a fixed period of time. The period can last from one day to six months.

3. What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is one of the world’s largest marketplaces where travelers can find and book over seven million unique accommodations and more than 50,000 individual, customized discoveries, all provided by local hosts.

4. How much does this cost me?

For our services, we keep between 15 and 20% of the monthly booking income generated. This means that costs only occur when we have generated income with the vacation rental.

5. You need cleaning personnel?

After each guest stay, of course, the cleaning of the rental accommodation is due. We create an individual cleaning plan for each accommodation to ensure flawless execution. In addition, we ensure that so-called “Guest Supplies” (toilet paper, garbage bags, soap, coffee pods, tea, etc.) are available. Please note, however, that this service can initially only be offered for the Vulkaneifelkreis.

6. Can certain days be blocked?

Yes of course! By prior arrangement, certain days and weeks can be blocked, e.g. when friends or family are visiting. We just have to make sure that there is no overlap with already existing guest bookings, because we cannot cancel a confirmed booking!

7. Can I use the service even if I am already a host?

Absolutley! We can also add your existing listing to our portfolio. We can even cooperate with your existing cleaning personnel and add them to our team so that they are always informed about when the next guest stay is coming up.

8. I have more questions!

Please send us a message via the contact form or send an email to We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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